I Want, I Don't Want (But If You Want...)

  • Rating: NC-17, omegaverse
  • Summary: Jongdae wants to be fucked but he's in denial and Sehun doesn't even know what he's doing, but at least he's doing it well.

Points A & B

  • Rating: PG-13
  • Summary: hypothetically if you were point a, and theoretically if i was point b

we break with speed by baeklights

  • Rating: G
  • Summary: Sehun hates Jongdae's face

Ice Cream, I Scream by seizethejongdae

  • Rating: R
  • Summary: When Jongdae started his new job as ice cream boy, he expected long days ahead tending to endless customers and sore arms after scooping out countless orders of ice cream. But he didn't expect his job to end with something red on his hands that most definitely was not strawberry syrup.

The Pikachu Theorem by januarys-lovers

  • Rating: G
  • Summary: Nice guy with really cute mouth sucks dicks in exchange of pikachu toys! Call me~~

Above in the open sky and down in the desert by aprilclash

  • Rating:
  • Summary: Of course, Sehun didn't like the idea of stealing from a warlock. Not-exactly-a-warlock, Junmyeon had said, but someone who deals with magic is a dangerous someone and Sehun had not spent the past twenty years steering away from danger the best he could only to start beef with someone who could potentially fry his ass if things turned sour (and they would turn sour, eventually).

Or, Sehun is a terrible liar and Jongdae is a very good one.

Crush Central by teatimetaemint

  • Rating: G
  • Summary: When Sehun becomes fast friends with outgoing and cheerful Kim Jongin, he really doesn’t expect to earn himself a gigantic, life-complicating crush on the boy's older brother as well.

positive entropy, negative enthalpy (spontaneous reaction) by astroblemish

  • Rating: G
  • Summary: Sehun isn't clumsy, he just has an allergy to cute boys and a tendency to drop glass beakers around them --not that Jongdae needs to know about that.

Affinity by luckyyeol

  • Rating: G
  • Summary: If a guy is hitting on you and he is clearly the alpha in the group of guys, go for the third in command and undermine their whole power structure.
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