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I smile, too big.
I laugh, too loud.
I talk, too fast.
I care, too much.
I love, too easily.
I listen, too closly.
I think, too vastly.
I work, too inconsistantly.
I cry, too often.
I anger, too frequently.
I persue, too meakly.
I trust, too rarely.
I stand, too short.
I hope, too high.
I dream, too big.

Too much of nothing is bad enough,
too much of something is just as to...

sara follows:
andrew performances (bands that i've seen live)
books (a list of lit)
movies (2C)
  • Tea. Is a perminent fixture, I would love to never be without if possible.
  • Coziness. I enjoy this. More than most I think, I also think I am specific in how i am cozy but once its known i think its pretty simple.
  • Tights. Rarely wear anythign but. ...see coziness.
  • Big Blankets. Would have one with me always if i could, but i am no longer 5, oh well. ...see coziness.
  • Flats. Again, a staple.
  • Book. In bag always.
  • ...along with iPod and phone. In bag.
  • Grapes. Fruit in general i guess. Could say a Fruit-a-holic i guess.
  • Sleep. I dont sleep much, however, i can sleep almost anywhere.
  • Hugs. I hug lots, i love hugs, love giving hugs and getting hugs.
  • Cereal. Dry, with milk, my ridiculous cereal creations.
  • ..more. sometime. soon. maybe.
jan 23 2009 ∞
jan 24 2009 +
user picture andrew: * Cereal with vanilla extract and cinnamon fixtures throughout jan 24 2009
user picture sara: hmmmmm. both crucial to my about me's for sure! :)