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A lot happened when I was younger

      • Accident 1
  • Me and my mom were going to a concert I think, and some one hit us... we drove off the road and got pinned between trees as the engine started to smoke... the doors wouldn't open and if it wasn't for the random guy who ran up and pulled me out of the window ... we may have died? (I'm pretty sure I remember that right but, I was young)
      • Accident 2
  • Me and my mom were coming home from grandmas house in the winter when a guy hit us from behind; we spun around 3 times before landing in a ditch on the side of the road... Tow Truck was already there since so many other people were in the same ditch all night long.
      • Accident 3
  • Sitting at a light close to home, a guy came off the expressway and didn't realize cars were NOT moving and NOT going 90 mph ... he slammed into the back of us completely crushing the trunk up to the back of the front seats; car was totaled, and had i been in the back seat I'd be dead.
      • Accident 4
  • I was on my bicycle, coming home from a hair cut... I was waiting to cross the road at a light, when a car slammed into the back of a stopped truck, breaking the taillight which then flew into my leg... i didn't get hurt... and nobody got out of either car... weird.
      • Accident 5
  • When I first started driving I had a '97 Nissan Altima... bad tires and breaks. My first year of community college on a rainy day I took a turn to fast and jumped up on a curb, popping my tire and sliding down a hill... i slid between two trees and stopped before hitting the fence... I backed out and a crew guy asked if I was OK... I said yeah and other people stopped... no one saw but the first guy... He said damn your tire just blew out huh... I of course agreed and made my car hobble over to the parking lot where it sat until i was out of class. My class-mate helped me but the tire was stuck... hours later i got the donut spare on and drove home.
      • Accident 6
  • I got semi cut off by a big douche bag... so I got angry as usual but, this time I swerved around him... cut him off too close (which I kind of meant to do) and dented my back bumper, and scraped his front... then tried to get away... it didn't work... ROAD RAGE NO GOOD
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