Inversely, My 7 Heavenly Virtues List has much much less... go figure.

    • 1. LUST
    • 2. GLUTTONY
    • 3. GREED
    • 4. SLOTH
    • 5. WRATH
    • 6. ENVY
    • 7. PRIDE


1. LUST - intense sexual desire / an intense longing : craving

  • I can start by saying I'm a flirt, I like it a little too much.
  • I love so many shapes n' sizes really... surprisingly, I love a thick girl (not obese) I enjoy a trim & fit girl as well; I'm more of an ass man than a breast guy, but I like both; I love thighs, calves, long legs, perfect tits, big asses, small asses, a body with all the right curves... I am passionate with women and like it that way.
  • I'm a guy, of course I am going to have an extensive list of beautiful women I would love to be with a night or two...
    • I listed about 15 when I realized this list is almost endless. I have a certain fondness of the female form.

2. GLUTTONY - excessive eating/drinking or excessive indulgence

  • I'm a gluttonous motherfucker...
  • I love to indulge...
  • You can tell by the number of places I go to eat... I splurge constantly regardless of finances and eat for the thrill. I love flavor and don't stop when I am full, let alone getting full. It IS excessive.
  • I also splurge when it comes to vacationing and travel; although I know how to be frugal, I often go for the nicest place I can find... I have high taste.
  • If you have any doubt about my gluttonous behavior... I like the way a lot of these things look and I bet I'd try a lot of them:

3. GREED - selfish desire for more than what is needed

  • Most everyone these days practices a bit of greed; I didn't NEED a 28 thousand dollar SUV, but I also don't NEED to be put on the spot for it; as Americans, we are lucky enough to be able to take advantage of certain luxuries that I enjoy... and I am not ashamed in the slightest, to enjoy any of these things.
  • Things I Want
    • A house w/ a great big luxurious kitchen and finished basement to my specifications
    • A maid
    • Enough money to eat out every night & try new things
    • Fancy Lenses for my camera
    • Tickets to everywhere I want to travel
    • Better artistic ability
    • All camping supplies

4. SLOTH - disinclination to action (lack of feeling or concern)

    • I don't help out as much as I should. I know this and I really need to improve in that area... I just don't care to; I am simply too lazy and really have no interest in doing certain things that I probably should.
    • Sometimes I sit to pee lol.
    • I rather lay around rather than go out & socialize
      • Don't like talking on the phone out of laziness

5. WRATH - strong vengeful anger (more like pet peeves)

  • All road rage activities I take part in, must be classified as wrath.
  • I hate certain traits in people :
    • selfishness
    • ungratefulness
    • rudeness
    • disrespect

6. ENVY - desire for & resentment of things enjoyed by others

  • I Envy my friend Alaine, although I am quite happy for her. Other than that, I'm not really an envious person.
  • I do envy money itself; I despise it but want it so bad to enjoy more luxuries.

7. PRIDE - high self-esteem; pretentiously justifiable or not.

  • Maybe you aren't supposed to say this but, I know what I'm good at, and I'm proud of them :
    • Kissing; I'm an excellent kisser
    • Loving; I'm an excellent lover
    • I give a good massage
    • If you're lucky, and worth while, I'm naturally fantastic at all sexual activities
    • I'm good at most sports if i'm into it and motivated. I play to win and normally do.
    • I'm a good dancer.
    • I'm good at making people smile, making them laugh; I'm good at providing comfort
    • ...

This is where certain people might say "Get over yourself," and they'd be right but, truth is... I'm not all that self confident anymore. It was a brief run; maybe it'll come back.

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