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«The man shot Alice and took away everything that belonged to her. Her happiness, her name, and even the story of Alice in Wonderland, whose fate it was to be happy».

lotti follows:
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corrin ☆comfort characters
  • mobile games - llsif, i7, yumecast, ichu, enstars, tsukipara, im@s, a3, for whom the alchemist exists, fe heroes, bpro, project tokyo dolls, utapri, sidem, boykira, starevo, banyaro
  • anime/manga - take a look at if you want to know!
  • otomes - mystic messenger, diabolik lovers and destiny ninja are my fav
  • videogames - danganronpa, ffxv, nier automata, p5, ace attorney, another code, sometimes rpg, lol, osu!, overwatch
  • music - jpop mostly! i love idols. sometimes kpop and pop, rock or death metal. MY RECENT OBSESSION IS HYPNOSIS MIC

i like more things and maybe i forgot to write them here so if you want to know just ask! i don't bite

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