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«The man shot Alice and took away everything that belonged to her. Her happiness, her name, and even the story of Alice in Wonderland, whose fate it was to be happy».

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don't follow if

  • ✧ you hate what i talk about! easy, isn't it?
  • ✧ you plan to flirt with me, i hate that
  • ✧ you talk bad about other charas or ships 24/7, i know you can´t love all of them but please respect
  • ✧ you are against lgbt+, racist or something like that. RESPECT THE OTHERS
  • ✧ you hate my favourite charas BECAUSE I TALK A LOT ABOUT THEM


  • ✧ english is not my first language that's why i somentimes tweet in spanish, and bc i'm a bit insecure about my english skills.
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