Do not follow if

  • you meet dfi criteria (racist, lgbt+phobic, xeno/islamaphobic, sexist, etc.)
  • you support trump/pence
  • you ship incest/pedophilic/abusive ships
  • you're anti-otherkin/fictionkin/etc.
  • you support any type of abuse (sexual, child, animal, etc.)
  • you hate/dislike one of my friends/qpps
  • you know you're going to hurt me mentally/emotionally (like for instance, sending me rude asks/things on curiouscat)
  • you're over 25 yrs old (unless i follow first or follow you back)


  • i do tend to talk about my qpps a lot
  • if i do something to upset/hurt you, please let me know!
  • also, i tend to like people's tweets whenever i see them on my tl, so lmk if you do not want me to like them!
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