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as you read in the description, im nathan ! (or you can call me nate for short)

  • i'm 16
  • mexican american (parents born in mexico, i was born in the states)
  • spanish and eng = ok! (my spanish is okay, but i'll make a ton of mistakes)
  • pansexual/panromantic/gay
  • transgender male ♂/non-binary male because i am really confused with my gender
  • he/him or they/them pronouns
  • aries ♈ (if you’re into the zodiac)
  • mbti/personality: isfj
  • i have depression and anxiety (not diagnosed yet)

social medias

  • tumblr: sylveonpng (sitrusberries is my pokemon blog) -currently on hiatus-
  • snapchat: ask!
  • kik: ask!
  • vent twitter: ask!
  • curiouscat: shinysylveon
  • Pleasepet just for fun lol
  • Discord: sylveon#8591
aug 30 2016 ∞
jun 9 2017 +