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hello! its me, baffentine!
here's where you'll find me everywhere else!
also a handy list of all my OCs!!

baffometi valentine follows:
  • Info
    • age: 18
    • gender: cis man
    • pnouns: he/him
    • sexual/romantic pref: heteroflexible
    • species: human
    • hair color: golden/light brown w/ darker brown sideburns & facial hair
    • eye color: forest green
    • skin color: caucasian, ever so slightly tan
    • height: 5'8"
  • Extras
    • considered class clown
      • basically he jokes around so much that when he tries to get serious, people laugh more
      • he acts more dumb than he actually is, but he fails to apply himself in school so he still struggles with his grades
      • he's kind of naive in a lot of ways, and pretty laid back (seemingly)
      • he's also seen as a womanizer and a player, he's always lusting over some new girl
    • bass guitarist in the band
    • makes The Dirtiest of jokes
    • he usually just goes by Dusty
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