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hello! its me, baffentine!
here's where you'll find me everywhere else!
also a handy list of all my OCs!!

baffometi valentine follows:
  • Info
    • age: 19
    • gender: cis woman
    • pnouns: she/her
    • sexual/romantic pref: lesbian
    • species: snowshow/burmilla mixed cat
    • hair color: purpley maroon (rich maroon)
    • eye color: orange & blue
    • fur color: ice/light blue main fur, teal markings
  • Extras
    • she has a 21 yr old, toned, angry-looking, aggressive, dog girlfriend named Ronnie
    • her body type is on the bigger side
    • she wears a lot of black shirts with goth band logos and black cut-off short shorts
    • very withdrawn, always tired, a homebody
    • she wears dark, smokey eyeshadow and always has dark circles under her eyes
    • shes got lots of freckles on her cheeks
    • shes a sparkle cat...... (bc she's a normal breed of cat but she has Blue Fur)
apr 27 2017 ∞
nov 12 2018 +