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hello! its me, baffentine!
here's where you'll find me everywhere else!
also a handy list of all my OCs!!

baffometi valentine follows:
  • Info
    • age: ???
    • gender: androgyne
    • pnouns: she/her primarily; sometimes they/them
    • sexual/romantic pref: gyne/skoliosexual
    • species: hebridean sheep
    • hair color: dark greyish red?
    • eye color: red
    • skin color: gray
  • Extras
    • her middle name is actually Amor
    • she goes by both Baffometi and Oksana
    • huge edgelord, huge memelord, she's basically some of the edgier parts of me
    • she can be an ass, but she tries her best
    • she's large and intimidating
    • she's got four horns; two big, pointy ones on the top of her head, and two smaller, curved ones coming from under her ears and poking forward out of her poofy mane
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may 10 2017 +