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hello! its me, baffentine!
here's where you'll find me everywhere else!
also a handy list of all my OCs!!

baffometi valentine follows:
  • Info
    • age: 19
    • gender: cis woman
    • pnouns: she/her
    • sexual/romantic pref: aro ace
    • species: bushy-tailed wood rat
    • hair color: black
    • eye color: brown
    • fur color: natural-ish coloration
  • Extras
    • she's a literal pack rat, she hoards trash & junk in her dilapidated cabin in the forest
    • makes trash sculptures as a hobby
      • also likes going into town for new junk and to steal wifi
    • klepto, easily distracted by shiny objects, and WILL take them if they catch her eye
    • her junk is precious to her
apr 27 2017 ∞
nov 12 2018 +