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Hello everyone! I'm Chelia on Twitter (this totally isn't my real name haha). Feel free to talk to me and send random DMs (cuz I'm often shy to reach out & don't know how to start a convo ;w;)
Hope we all get along!

Chelia follows:

Games I currently play daily:

  • BanG Dream! (I absolutely love this game! often more than LLSIF actually) - my fav band is Roselia (ID: 74614118)
  • LoveLive! School Idol Festival (ID: 721010836)
  • Mystic Messenger - fav characters are Kang Jaehee, Rika & 707 - I ship Jaehee707 lol
  • Fate/Grand Order
  • Tenka Hyakken (Yoshimoto Samonji is currently best girl)
  • I★Chuu (started the game cuz of the stageplay & this one friend of mine lol - current main bias: Orihara Hikaru, Oikawa Momosuke, Minato Kanata)

Some other games I play:

  • {Music} 8 beat Story / Cytus (II)
  • {Cards} Hatsune Miku Graphy Collection / Otogi: Spirit Agents (ID: 409727)
  • Guns Girl - School DayZ (ID: 31693222)
  • {DatingSim} (male protag) Moe! Ninja Girls // (female protag) Destiny Ninja 2+
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