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Hello everyone! I'm Chelia on Twitter (this totally isn't my real name haha). Feel free to talk to me and send random DMs (cuz I'm often shy to reach out & don't know how to start a convo ;w;)
Hope we all get along!

Chelia follows:

Bands I actively follow:

  • Versailles Philharmonic Quintet & Jupiter - both of them are my eternal love! I really hope to see their live concerts one day! The drummer YUKI is why I picked up drumming ^^
  • BABYMETAL (+ Kami Band)
  • X Japan
  • Maximum the Hormone - the drummer Nao is a mother already XD she's my role model!
  • Cross Vein
  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

so you see I absolutely love metal & rock! Some other music I listen to:

  • songs from musicals, mostly HakuMyu & TouMyu for now
  • Vocaloid songs - my favs are Luka & GUMI
  • kyarason & OST - I currently have most of the xxxHolic, Hetalia & Date A Live collection; trying to save up for more Fairy Tail & Kantai Collection
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