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Hello everyone! I'm Chelia on Twitter (this totally isn't my real name haha). Feel free to talk to me and send random DMs (cuz I'm often shy to reach out & don't know how to start a convo ;w;)
Hope we all get along!

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you probably won't see much of these series on my TL but just know that I love them very much & still follow their updates =))

  • there are actually 2 series that I love the most: xxxHolic & Fairy Tail! Ichihara Yuuko is the Goddess & Erza Scarlet is the Queen (of my heart lol)
  • Date A Live - Itsuka Kotori is best imouto
  • Meitantei Conan - Miyano Shiho deserves so much care & love / I ship CoAi/ShinShi ^^
  • Gintama - who doesn't love this after jumping in srsly; i love Kagura so much
  • Hetalia - China & Prussia are my fav characters! I love Hungary & Belarus too
  • Kantai Collection - on a game hiatus cuz I wanna play it srsly but don't have that much time to concentrate anymore. To illustrate, I want to spend like a whole hour uninterrupted for this game but well obviously I can't for now. Best kanmusu are Kaga, Nagato & Kirishima! Best abyssal is Re-class!
  • No Game No Life - Shiro is a gift from God
  • Hakuouki - Heisuke, Kazama & Sano are my favs! I LOVE SEN-HIME
  • Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine - 1 of the more recent series that I actually got into! initially for the actors ww
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