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a man in his time plays many parts

  • woohyun/sunggyu
  • r
  • ~5,600w
  • Woohyun is a rookie actor and Kim Sunggyu is his idol. “60 Seconds” is the movie they shoot together. ( “As Shakespeare said, all the world’s a stage,” Sunggyu quips, “and all the men and women, merely players. Are you disappointed?”

“No,” Woohyun replies. It’s an honest answer.)

2,500 miles & everything in between

  • hoya/sunggyu
  • pg-13
  • ~7000w
  • Today: Sunggyu and Hoya go on a trip halfway across the nation and back. Someday in the future: Hoya tries to tell the story of how things ended.


  • hoya/sunggyu/woohyun
  • pg-13
  • warning: recurring character death
  • ~3000w
  • On August 8, Kim Sunggyu falls. Hoya and Woohyun watch. Sunggyu dies. (“If we could’ve stopped it,” Hoya murmurs. “If we could go back --” so they keep going back again.)

you could dig your nails into my skin

  • myungsoo/sunggyu
  • r (explicit sexual material)
  • ~1,500w
  • hatesex, edging, thighfucking. The first time, it happens because Myungsoo gets hard while Sunggyu's yelling at him. The second time, because Myungsoo messes up on stage. The third time, though -- the third time is Sunggyu’s screw-up.

always do sober what you said you'd do drunk

  • hoya/sunggyu, side woohyun/sunggyu
  • pg-13
  • ~2,000w
  • Sunggyu gets drunk and accidentally calls Hoya, the guy he has an embarrassingly huge crush on, for a ride. He could refuse and stay plastered to the lamppost, or he could insist on calling somebody else, or he could get in the car and spend ten minutes in an enclosed space with the guy he really wants to jump while still too buzzed to put up his usual inhibitions. It's a tough decision, to be sure.

breathe out

  • sunggyu-centric, fake woogyu
  • pg
  • ~5,250w
  • For rather silly and petty reasons, Sunggyu takes pilates lessons. Twelve weeks of humiliation, eating like a sad bunny rabbit, and physical agony ensue. This fic also contains the line, “Sunggyu hyung, you have a serious hateboner for Nam Woohyun. Did you know that?”

the past and the present - night & day

  • dongwoo/hoya
  • pg-13
  • ~1,500w
  • written for the prompt: a night of sharing where they talks about their past relationships.

untitled - woogyu hatesex

  • woohyun/sunggyu
  • r
  • ~1,800w
  • why did i write this omfg


  • woohyun-centric
  • pg
  • ~350w
  • “Winter is a time to feed your body and your soul,” his grandmother once told him, and cooking does feed his soul.


  • ot7
  • pg-13
  • ~11,000w
  • astronaut au. Seven young astronauts in training are given the honor of becoming the first crew of the Infinite, a spacecraft that will revolutionize space exploration. In exchange, they will sacrifice their futures.

general relativity - in progress. will eventually be an ot7 fic with 7 installments.

  • pg-13
  • ~11,000w/estimated 35,000w
  • destruction resolution
    • myungsoo-centric
    • originally written for the prompt: It is perhaps not a surprise that photography developed as a technological medium in the industrial age, when reality started to disappear. - Jean Baudrillard
  • ship of theseus
    • sunggyu-centric


  • hoya/sunggyu
  • r
  • ~3,500w
  • Hoya and Sunggyu exchange casual handjobs until it's not so casual anymore.

give a little, get a lot

  • hoya/sunggyu
  • r
  • ~950w
  • written for the prompt: sunggyu tops from the bottom, using hoya's body for his own pleasure.
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