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Its something unpredictable, but in the end is right, i hope you had the time of your life.

Mike follows:

Billie Joe. What words do i use to explain Billie Joe? Well... firstly, very cute. He was adorable in every life we had. Moody, would be another. But thats a given- i dont hold it against him. Hes been through a lot in all of his lives. We both have. Alot of things were fucked up in our pasts... things we cant take back. Things we cant fix. Words were said that were never meant. And weve probably lived a thousand lives together. There are always seemingly alot of blocks and hurdles in our lives that we usually dont overcome. Whether its losing our kids or each other. But even with all the fights, and the words and the sadness, i still love Billie. I still love him alot. Even if he doesnt love me. Ive only ever had one Billie, and i dont think ill ever find another as a rebound because he WAS my Billie. But i think hes moved on and is looking for a new Mike. Which is okay, I hope he finds one that makes him happy. Id never blame Billie for his mistakes in the past. I act like i do but i domt. I never could. I see too much good in him to ever be truly angry with him. I just wish alot of the time that things wouldve turned out differently. I still love you Beej. Im always thinking of you.

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