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  • Diet Coke - I absolutely love the crisp taste with the added bonus of caffeine. It's light, cold, refreshing, and it hits the spot.
  • Caffeine Driven Lack of Sleep - My body does not have an internal clock so thus never reaching equilibrium. This means that I feel wired and tired all the time.
  • Sitting Wrong - The OSHA reviews and implementation of ergonomic chairs, keyboards, and etc. was useless since I love sitting with one leg up or crossing my legs.
  • Facebook - Need I say more? The average person spends 3-4 hours daily on facebook.
  • Window Shopping - Great way to exercise, however a horrible way to define "wants" as "needs".
  • Simultaneously Eating and Watching TV - bottomless calorie intake consumption. The next thing you know, you've eaten half the can of Pringles Potato Chips.
  • Saying "YES" even though I want to say "NO" - sound familiar? I'm trying to say "No" more often now than before to avoid burnout. This will be one of my resolutions for 2011.
  • Worrying - As much as I'm 50% optimistic, there's that 50% pessimist in me that causes me to worry and I hate it.
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