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hEWWO im enigma i guess i know what im doing ???
bear with me i dont know how to format things well

enigmew follows:
  • enigma
    • they/them [] enby
    • minor
    • bambi lesbian

don't interact if you are homophobic/transphobic, a kink/DDCL/nsfw account, a pedophile/MAP, or agree/tolerate with similar toxic behavior

im sex repulsed (heightened with trauma) so sex jokes make me uncomfortable. please keep that sort of stuff to an Extreme minimum if it can't be avoided at all.

please be patient with me! im not the best with conversation. excuse me if im slow or dont pick up on any social cues,, i'm open to conversations, though im not the quickest to start them! i appreciate my mutuals and friends nonetheless,, <333

below are my other (most active) social media accounts

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