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hEWWO im enigma i guess i know what im doing ???
bear with me i dont know how to format things well

enigmew follows:

don't interact if you are homophobic/transphobic, a kink/DDCL/nsfw account, a pedophile/MAP, or agree/tolerate with similar toxic behavior

im sex repulsed (heightened with trauma) so sex jokes make me uncomfortable. please avoid bringing up those kinds of topics around me.

ldskjfasdf im enigma!! i'm a queer artist who's really tired and doing their best,,, i love having conversations with people so feel free to talk to me in comments?? if we're friends, you can ask for my discord! sorry if i'm not one to initiate conversations, i have Really bad anxiety.

i really appreciate comments over favorites, especially constructive criticism! i like hearing what people noticed with my art rather than just agreeing that it's good (although, that's nice and validating too)!

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