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  • aka -- depending on where you know me from -- kazz, glitchgoat, jakkalope, skullkid/SK, spiky, rek
  • 24 (07/06/93)
  • gay man
  • student, artist, writer, 24/7 complainer
  • i like MOTHER, Digimon, WoW, furries, my cat, and all might
  • 1/2 itabagger, 1/2 person who thinks too deeply abt the consumption culture implications of itabagging
  • i don't ship anything as a rule because i hate fun, but i also think that harassing people over what they ship (even problematic shit) makes you a bully at best
  • F/U/B free
  • cureaphrodite and i have radically different taste, interests, and personalities. follow us both for a fun time.
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