One of those essential components in preparing to your passport or visa software is photos. Most government service and travel agents will tell you that you want what size photo for Vietnam visa. This can be a confusing message since different nations have different photo specifications. Want a visa Vietnam photo size passport renewal or visa program, and you are not sure of the principles for the photograph? Just review and adhere to the Quick Facts under and will get the rest to make sure that your picture is compliant. Vietnam visa photo requirements:

- Passport size photos: strictly be 4 x 6 cm

- Visa photos: depend on the Nation of residence and it can be 4 x 6 cm or 2 x 2 inches

Vietnam tourist visa photo size you prepared must be in 4×6 cm (however the colour is not crucial). If you don't have visa photo for Vietnam in your hand, then you can take it coming and you have to cover 5 USD for this particular case.



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