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  • Marcus Flutie (Sloppy Firsts/Second Helpings)
  • Jim Halpert (The Office US)
  • Matt Saracen (Friday Night Lights)
  • Tim Riggins (Friday Night Lights)
  • Dan Humphrey (Gossip Girl)
  • Jess Mariano (Gilmore Girls)
  • Chuck Bartowski (Chuck)
  • JD (Scrubs)
  • Ned (Pushing Daisies)
  • Carlos Nuñez (Crazy/Beautiful)
  • Alex Karev (Grey's Anatomy)
  • Rob Gordon (High Fidelity)
  • Ben Covington (Felicity)
  • Lucas Scott (One Tree Hill)
apr 4 2008 ∞
apr 5 2008 +
user picture Ashley: Mmmm. I love Dan Humphrey as well. apr 4 2008
user picture Michelle: I heart Matt Saracen and Marcus Flutie! :) apr 5 2008
user picture katia: i love how Matt's so vulnerable and sincere. especially with his family <3. and i was sooo into Matt/Julie before i was a bit sad di na nila tinuloy for the seconf season. but i actually like them both still now, on their own. :) never was a fan of Carlotta though hahaha, can't stand her.
user picture gailee: nice list idea :) apr 7 2008
user picture katia: haha thanks. if only i had a list as long as this one for guys that actually existed too!
user picture jenz: oh, jim halpert. how i wish i had one of him in my office! apr 10 2008
user picture Reen: I think Marcus Flutie is hot! I hope they'll adapt the book into a movie. sep 28 2008
user picture katia: I'm always a bit hesitant when books get turned into movies. But it hasn't always been that bad, so we'll see if they ever decide to do so. Hehe. I can't wait for the fifth book though! sep 29 2008
user picture Pam: I have a crush on lucas scott. great taste in music,goodlooking,amazing deep writer. oct 9 2008
user picture all about alice: hmmm. dan humphrey, good choice. i, however, am all for archibald and bass. :) dec 10 2009
user picture katia: this is old! i was thinking of season 1-dan, he's boring now. hah. dec 11 2009
user picture all about alice: yes, he is quite superficial now.