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  • generally distant
  • disassociates often
  • feels warm with friends
  • dreams of seeing new places, hoping it will heal her emptiness
  • desperate to discover her purpose
  • despite what's written here, she's not ALWAYS sad, but it is something that haunts her and guides her, sort of


  • found on the mountaintop, near the temple, age 8
  • discovered the same day as dp and mp
  • heralded as a gift from the astrals
  • treated as a religious icon/healer in the village
  • doesn't understand this treatment

unfinalized history

  • created by the astrals to carry out their prophecy
  • on the night of the festival, she is taken by the astrals to their earthly realm, and explain what it is she has to do
  • the weight of cosmic responsibility slowly destroys the ap throughout her journey to guide the dp and restore the mp
  • she travels the world to test the Seven Astral Lights and discover the true intent of the Meteor King while surveying the actions of the Moon Prince Reversed
  • her path calls for her erasure from this world, but the DP Awoken and MP Restored aid in her defiance of fate, much to the disappointment of the Astrals
  • together, they form a powerful bond following the events of FOTM 1
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