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welcome to my twisted mind we have bananees and avocaydees

zzz follows:
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i post nsfw stuff sometimes nothing like..straight up porn but if ur uncomfy w nsfw text u probably shouldnt follow! AAAAAAAAA

i dont rlly need anything tagged but ....hmm....... i get rlly rlly upset with posts about child abuse/children being in danger/harmed...even joke posts abt beating up kids can make me (looks around and fucking sweats)

dont...comment on my stuff abt hating a character i obviously love. thank u

i have hardcore adhd and anxiety so my social skills r kinda wack i never mean to be rude so im sorry if i come off that way ! Also i love talking to mutuals but sowwy if i . dont reply fast or dont talk right i am noivous. I also talk and talk and talk for a long time abt my hyperfixations (ouma) gomenasai.

i dont rlly. tag stuff. if we r mutuals and i see u have something obscure ur triggered by i prolly wont rt it at all but lazy and have bad memory so if u ask me to tag something like a ship i like I...PROBABLY WONT SORRY.

no oumaphobes allowed or ill fucking *loads gun* *CHK CHK*

nov 14 2017 ∞
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