• Ace Attorney (all games/spinoffs + the live action movie)
  • The Elder Scrolls (mainly Skyrim, occasionally Oblivion, rarely Morrowind)
  • Star Trek (mainly TOS, but occasionally TNG, rarely others though I hope to watch them some day @CBS fuck you)

Those are the big three.

Some minor/past fandoms include:

  • Little Witch Academia (diakko diakko diakko)
  • LOTR/The Hobbit/etc ('nough said)
  • Polygon (especially McElroy Bros content)
  • Homestuck/Hiveswap (Love to actually read it some day)
  • We Bare Bears (particular fondness directed at Ice Bear, though I love all the bears)
  • Steven Universe (my love for it dies a little every day though)
  • Hetalia (literally only into it for ameripan at this point)
  • Harry Potter (but JK Rowling was a mistake)
  • Bob's Burgers (oh my god)

And here is some stuff I'm interested in getting into but haven't yet:

  • JJBA
  • Fallout
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