• info
    • 1996-03-02
    • he lived in china or maybe hes like part chinese idk but he speaks chinese fluently thats also why he goes by 2 different names
    • i dont remember his company? choon ent.? i think? doesnt matter no one knows it
    • he really loves animals and he has like 2 cats and a dog and he brought his cats to the jbj dorm
  • produce 101
    • final ranking: 21
    • introduction (this wasnt meant to be on this list but i just watched it AND HES FUNNY also he sings a part of the goblin ost song i love)
    • audition: a - got7 (this performance is awkward but lol hes the one in the dark jean jacket hes cute)
    • team performance: boy in luv - bts (THIS WHOLE TEAM WAS AWKWARD but omg hes so cute at some point he messed up his hair and i died what is happening ive never seen any of these videos and its making me die)
    • vocal team performance: 너였다면 (dude just ripped my heart out of my chest and stepped on it WHEN HE SINGS WITH HIS EYES CLOSED SJKDHJFDHF ive never seen this before but making this listography is making me love him)
    • final performance: open up i cant tell you much about his vocal performance because i got distracted thinking about what it would feel like to run my hands through his hair)
  • before&after p101
    • idk what he did before he was probably just a trainee
    • the.the.the - longguo&shihyun (it's some kind of unit/project with another p101 trainee from his company i didnt realize it was him until today and wow im dying aaaahhhhh hes so pretty)
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