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portable slime gargoyle (OFFICIAL)

duck follows:

twenty-one ❀ writer ❀ she/they ❀ this is my 'fandom'-y account ❀ defining quality: would die for chuuya ❀ the world's #1 dappou rock fan and all i got was this lousy t-shirt ❀ anything else you need to know?

my heart makes a heart with its hands

    • yugioh (mostly dm but also in general; currently watching arc-v for the first time)
    • hunter x hunter
    • bungou stray dogs
    • vocaloid/utaite
    • magi
    • disney
    • kingdom hearts
    • the world ends with you
    • code geass
    • final fantasy xv
    • tower of god
    • anime in general

tag these for me if you would

    • spiders
    • the r-slur

last but not least please give this a look

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