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fic recs // sope ‧ vmin ‧ namgi ‧ rapline

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and one musn't tell lies

  • tteokie
  • 36k~ / sfr / hp au
  • Yoongi wants to fly so bad he's ready to break the rules for that. Jung Hoseok is the worst collateral damage possible. (Stop lying).

nice to meet you

  • hobilu
  • 5k / nsfr / neighbors au
  • i let you in to sleep on my couch because you’re drunk and my cute new neighbor but somehow i let you fuck me on it too au

let's not fall in love

  • tteokie
  • 30k / nsfr / abo au
  • “Hoseok, this is Seungcheol and Jeonghan. We’re in the same fucking omega sex-ed class.” They both smiled at Hoseok, and Yoongi continued. “This is Hoseok, the alpha who triggered my omega presentation.” And that was all. No one needed to know about the casual sex.

good little omega

  • skswriting
  • 9k / nsfr / abo au, college au
  • “I need to learn respect? I think it’s time you learn respect,” Hoseok mutters, voice reverberating from deep within his chest and Yoongi can feel the pheromones Hoseok is emitting, the alpha’s scent rolling over Yoongi in waves and Yoongi gasps.

are you ready for this? (no i'm not)

  • sugrpill (opinionoutpost)
  • 8k / nsfr / stripper au
  • Hoseok is both a dancer and a Dancer. (In which Hoseok is a stripper and Yoongi wants to sample the goods.)

Flames just create us (burns don't heal like before)

  • inkingbrushes
  • 22k / sfr / au
  • Yoongi is a wolf and Hoseok is a lamb trying to run away from home.(Or: Hoseok is heir to a multi-billion company and Yoongi is the bartender he falls in love with.)

Homeward Bound

  • wicked_lovely
  • 43k~ / nsfr / au
  • Yoongi will be the first to admit that he's more trouble than most people are willing to deal with. At her wits end, his Mom sends him to live with a good friend of hers, in the hopes that a good strong male role model will solve some of his problems. Already halfway through his 17th year of life, he's eagerly counting down the months until he can legally live on his own. Meanwhile, Hoseok agrees to take on the challenge but never expected to feel an attraction towards the troubled teen. At first it's nothing but a spark of interest, easily ignored. However, what Yoongi doesn't seem to notice is that his own unacknowledged feelings towards Hoseok are what causes much of the hostility between them. With the growing heat and continuous emotional friction, a fire is born. Good thing at least one of them knows how to control the flames, because if it were up to Yoongi it would burst into a wildfire to consume them all.

A Soft Sound

  • teenuviel1227
  • 53k~ / nsfr / au
  • When Soccer Captain Jung Hoseok goes to Hip Hop camp in his senior year, the last thing that he’s expecting to do is fall in love--least of all with punk, indie film enthusiast Min Yoongi. And yet, here we are.

but only borderline (modernmagic!au) series

  • sweetlyblue
  • 20k / nsfr / magic au
  • ~

i do talk, but only for you

  • mysoulrunswithwolves
  • 16k / nsfr / soulmates au
  • There are two irrefutable truths to the world Hoseok lives in. First, everyone has a soulmate. Second, his soulmate will never find him. fate may tell you who, but you still get to choose how

we write sins (not tragedies)

  • tteokie
  • 8k / nsfr / writer au
  • Rival Erotica writers Yoongi and Hoseok. 50% crack, 50% porn.

one nocturnal son of a gun

  • deuxoiseaux
  • 148k~ / nsfr / domestic au
  • i know i'm young, but if i had to choose (him) or the sun / i'd be one nocturnal son of a gun

I'll Be There When The World Stops Turning

  • teenuviel1227
  • 24k / sfr / anastasia au
  • Yoongi is a prince with amnesia & Hoseok is a witty conman who trains him to play the part of South Korea's long-lost prince in one of his ploys--that is, until Hoseok falls for him, not knowing he’s the real thing.

I Thought That I Was Dreaming When You Said You Loved Me

  • teenuviel1227
  • 7k / sfr / writer au
  • Hoseok clicked the link in the DM by accident. He didn’t mean to read it, to keep reading it, to let it colour his interactions with Yoongi but--how could he not? Yoongi didn’t mean to start writing it, didn’t mean for it to get so much attention. But at 80,000 hits his worst nightmare had come true in the form of a DM: Author-nim, I sent Hobi the link to your fics! Convinced that Hoseok is a) straight and b) not the kind of guy to check his DMs, he left it up. However, he can’t help but notice the way that Hoseok’s gaze lingers on him longer these days, the way he smiles wider, lets a hand casually fall over his. Or the fic where a fan sends Hobi the link to a Yoonseok fic, Hobi gets hooked, and Yoongi is the fandom’s most famous Yoonseok author.

let's stand under the rain (and catch flower petals together)

  • Ann1215
  • 25k / sfr / au
  • Min Yoongi is an elemental with a penchant for making it rain whenever he feels happy. It’s not like he completely hates the rain; it’d be difficult, considering his temperament. But he’s not keen on the way that his happiness is literally an annoyance to most people, who mutter in frustration whenever something unexpectedly makes him glow with warmth and suddenly there’s a freak shower, and everyone’s scrambling for cover. So Yoongi tries to keep his joy at bay, at least for when it’s the most convenient: late nights under the covers, unable to hold back his guffaws as he marathons sitcoms and falls down the YouTube hole when he’s exhausted his choices on Netflix. The midnight thunderstorms only end when he’s finally asleep, lulled by the pounding rain on his windows.


  • sixtieshairdo
  • 2k / nsfr / au
  • “Seok-seok, you’re so cute. Your ears, especially. So very, very. Cute.” A weaker man would succumb to the temptation to kiss Yoongi whose face is too close for any friendly endeavour, but Hoseok couldn’t possibly give in, not when Yoongi’s drunk. Hoseok closes his eyes when he feels Yoongi’s fingertips toy with his ear as though it’s terribly fascinating, his fingers squeezing around Yoongi’s hip subconsciously. “Your ear does this thing. When you wear hats? And beanies? Like, it bends a little? Did you know? It’s the cutest thing.” He knows what Yoongi is referring to but his vocal chords seem to have dissolved into nothingness, so he very carefully tries to extricate himself from his drunk friend, who only holds on to him tighter. A whisper against this ear causes his breath to catch in his throat. “Can I sleep with you tonight?”

(heart) stealer

  • deuxoiseaux
  • 18k / sfr / college au
  • He hears strange snuffling noise close by and lifts his head to look beyond the boundary of books and notebooks and pens stacked to the very edge of his table to the person passed out at the table opposite. It takes him a moment to place the other man, all messy blond hair and pale skin, but as he shifts into a more comfortable position on the textbook he's using as a pillow, Hoseok recognizes him: Min Yoongi, an upperclassman from his music history class. The one where hoseok lends his coat to yoongi because he looks cold, and then... kind of never gets his coat back.

Patience is a Virtue

  • wicked_lovely
  • 2k / nsfr / au
  • Hoseok pursues Yoongi and finally gets him right where he wants him. Meanwhile, Yoongi is just as hot for Hoseok as Hoseok is for him, but he just isn't willing to admit it yet.

I'll Tell You My Sins & You Can Sharpen Your Knife

  • teenuviel1227
  • 3k / nsfr / au
  • The first time Jung Hoseok lays eyes on Father Min Yoongi, he knows this little “vacation” his stepdad has sequestered him to after being kicked out of boarding school is going to be more fun that he’d thought.

you can hear it in the silence

  • mysoulrunswithwolves
  • 18k / nsfr / writer au
  • Yoongi is standing in aisle ten, staring soullessly at the instant ramen when the absurdity of his situation hits him and he fucking loses it, right there in the middle of his local grocery. And he’s lucky, really, that it’s four in the morning on a Tuesday and there’s nobody else except the grave-shift stockers to witness his bout of hysterics in the pasta aisle.

Look Me In The Eye & Tell Me You Won't Go

  • teenuviel1227
  • 78k / nsfr / doctor au
  • BTS are doctors at the biggest hospital in Seoul and stuff happens. Particularly, Min Yoongi wakes up with Jung Hoseok in his bed.


  • sixtieshairdo
  • 1k / nsfr / au
  • “Moonlight, why do you play so hard to get, when we both know you want it, hmm?” He wishes he would fight, put up a struggle, instead of whining like a cheap piece of ass when he feels a hand slip down the front of his pants, palming over his growing erection. The tongue that wets the rim of his ear, teasing his many piercings, makes him ache to be fucked so bad when it slips inside licking him in ways he shouldn’t enjoy, but oh, he does. He fucking does. “Let’s get out of here, yeah?” He shoves, again, this time fully getting the man off his back. He twists his body around, and puts on his most aggressive glare. He can’t deny the attraction he feels for the heat in the eyes that look him up and down, predatorial, but he never gives in easily. He likes a little fight in his foreplay. “Don’t fucking touch me, pervert.”
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