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  • What was my dog's past prior to getting her? (I got her off craigslist)
  • Do you ever wish you had parents?
  • Can you show me all the people who stole from me and what they ended up doing with all of the stuff? (just for laughs & curiosity)
  • Do you have a DVD of my life from beginning to end? And if so, could we watch it together & have a movie night?
  • Do you have dance moves? May we have a Father-daughter dance?
  • Can you show me my genealogy from the beginning up until me? Even better, could I meet them?
  • I know you're always watching us.. but do you ever feel weird watching your children have sex with each other?
  • Can I hear your laugh?
  • What language do you prefer speaking?
  • Did Jesus ever have to hold back from falling in love with a woman?
  • What is my dog thinking as she sticks her head out the window while I'm driving?
  • Are mental illness' "demon induced" aka "spiritual warfare"?
  • What are your thoughts on tattoos? What would you get?
  • Which political party do you lean more towards?
  • Can you introduce me to my guardian angels? What specific instances did you set them up to protect me?
  • What are your thoughts on the Catholic church? Is their communion literally the "body of Christ"?
  • Do you believe in anti-depressants?
  • Was there someone I dated that you had intended me to marry but I blew it?
  • Who shot JFK?
  • Was 9/11 a conspiracy?
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