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mina, i love you with all my heart since the first day i saw you. your ballerina aura, your shiny eyes, your unique moles all around your oval face. you're beautiful in every single way and i fall deeper for you everytime i see you. i love your sweet voice like strawberry pie & vanilla when you're singing, when you're talking with onces, it feels like it's a honor to live in a world that 'someone like you' is alive. your laugh is my favorite melody and i could listen to it everyday, you are so precious! i love your dance, the way you move so delicately, the way your movements are precise when you're dancing. contemporary dances or ballet, you're the best. i love when your hair falls over your face, but i like it even more when i can see every detail of your face properly. you're beautiful in every single way and i could make an entire poem's book about you. i love your cute hands and when you use them to cover your laugh, i remember all your habits and i can recreate them on my mind when i feel sad. and i don't like to see you cry, it feels like i could simply learn every magical trick just to make you feel better. you're the most humble girl i've ever seen and you work so hard everyday to show us a better myoui mina. you're my light and one of my reasons to keep living. i hope you have a good career, i'll always keep on supporting you. thank you for singing, thank you for being alive. my princess, my ballerina, my black swan, miss myoui... i love you. infinitely and unconditionally.

jun 19 2017 ∞
jun 20 2017 +