• Don't enter (a) email address(es) BEFORE writing a message. Especially if it's an important email. This prevents e-mails from being sent before it's complete, or e-mails being sent to the wrong people. Neither has happened to me before, just I like to take precautions as I've heard some horrid stories.
  • Don't eat sweets before salties. This means no dessert before a meal, or no fruits/yogurt/pancakes before eggs/hash browns. Sweet beverages are the exception.
  • Don't read in bed.... unless it's a magazine or something of the sort. Soon I'll feel tired anytime I open a book!!!
  • Wait at LEAST 2-4 weeks before making a large purchase. This prevents me from making impulsive purchases.
  • Don't go to church or worship God with a closed/angry heart.
  • Don't put anything your mouth before brushing my teeth in the morning.
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