• trying to better herself, or at least minimize the damage she does.
  • likes to be helpful when she can, though maybe not for entirely selfless reasons.
  • strikingly responsible as long as she can convince herself to give a shit.

undiagnosed narcissistic personality disorder (x), obsessive-compulsive disorder (x), (C-)PTSD (x); suspected dysthymia



  • smokes cigarettes; a light smoker, unless she's stressed.
  • drinks a whole lot of coffee.
  • overshares frequently, often without enough context to let anyone know her in earnest.



  • 5'8" ft. (1.73 m.)
  • ~156 lbs (~70 kg.)
  • hair is black, mostly straight, falls to her upper back, frequently messy or tied up.
  • skin is tan.
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