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hi i'm paul and this is my before you follow!

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-I am not factkin. being reincarnated is a religious belief and that's what i believe. i believe i have been reincarnated from Andy Kaufman specifically because i can recall lots of different memories from that life. I don't know if I should say I'm reimcarnated from Paul McCartney as because I am more of the character/person in the the theory. That's how my life was. Also Billie Joe Armstrong isn't factkin or reincarnation. I'm kin with the character in the specific listed fanfiction series. Thats just a note for anyone who is confused by that.

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-i do tag triggers to an extent but if you want something under a cut i can most likely do that for you

-i talk about drugs so if that's not your cup of tea you won't want to follow me

-i sometimes post gore but not real gore only sfx and from movies. don't follow if you're really squeamish about even fake gore

-you do not believe in otherkin (specifically fictionkin)

-you are being a spy and just want to see what i am posting for your drama needs

-you are an obvious attention seeker or liar (there's a few ppl out there that match this description so if this is you don't follow or request because you'll be blocked asap)

-you are on a secret account just to see ...

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-You share any of my kintypes

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-Send me a picture of one of my ids/kins or I will not accept. ✨✨

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