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Whatever our struggles and triumphs, however we may suffer them, all too soon they bleed into a wash, just like watery ink on paper.

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ㅤㅤthey say yeri has three personas: the interstellar, the peach, and the raconteur. no, she does not have multiple personalities nor is she mentally crazy. it is more of her own classification of her best and ugly traits. this may be unknown for anyone close to her.

ㅤㅤkim yerim was born in a middle-class family at seoul, south korea. her entire life revolved around the cold yet posh city, with her childhood being surrounded with empty rooms and noisy vehicles. not that she complained, though, as she basked in the silence with fervor for her newfound love of writing and dreaming. despite the environment, she grew up to be an ambivert instead, although she leaned more to the introversion side.

ㅤㅤher habit of spacing out, daydreaming, or overthinking was never that prevalent until her parents separated. yerim, until now, is unsure if this event broke her or not... they were never there, anyways. it is always herself and her thoughts. so when the two guardians fought for custody, she just packed her stuff and left them without any contact or permission. now, she's in the town of boseong, spending time with children to make sure they don't end up like her.

ㅤㅤinterstellar. yerim was deemed as an intelligent being when she was at a mere age of six, interests being more than peculiar for a normal girl. she loved thinking about what-ifs, the universe and its constellations, and everything in between. no proper conversation could be initiated due to her uncanny "weirdness".

ㅤㅤpeach. no, she was not a fuzzy kind of fruit, nor an ass. despite her weirdness and awkwardness caused by social conditions, kim yeri was a sweetheart to almost everyone. a total klutz whose room is messy and disoriented, yet a talkative person once her favorites get brought up during a conversation. ignore her random babbles if you'd like.

ㅤㅤlastly, the raconteur. remember her knack for writing? it's still present. she writes, writes, writes until her fingers are numb and knuckles are bleeding, slowly dripping down the crumpled paper. (figuratively.) but yerim does not write only. she makes up stuff and lies through word and mouth... an unhealthy habit was formed then. don't believe everything.

ㅤㅤbecause kim yerim dreams to escape. pretends to escape. lies to escape.

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