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«Kim Taehyung x Jeon Jungkook»

Jeongguk likes to run. He’s never wanted anyone to run with him before.

"We both reached for the last box of Froot Loops and I don't care that we're both adults I will fight you" AU

aka: in which Taehyung fights Jungkook to the death for a box of artificially flavored and colored loops.

Like all things about Taehyung, being loved by him is loud, messy and familiar. Under lilac neon lights his hair is a shade lighter and his skin is gold, Jungkook's hands tremble when he touches it and Taehyung keeps mixing weird sauces in his ramen.

“Do you still quiver when I touch you?”


Jungkook meets Taehyung in a dirty club with terrible music and harsh lights that color his skin blue.

Jungkook has just started feeling lonely when he meets Taehyung, who seems to have been lonely his entire life.

taehyung hates the (totally hot) bratty freshman that stole his spot in the art exhibition.

Being Korea's most successful model has been working pretty well for Taehyung. That is, until Jeon Jeongguk appears.

The four times Jeongguk tries and fails at asking Taehyung to marry him and the one time he actually succeeds.

If you can read this, take another shot.

The thing about Figure Skating is that it's the most brutal sport disguised as something incredibly beautiful to look at, something elegant and frail.

Just like Kim Taehyung.

Jeongguk and Taehyung are just riding it out together, getting high on waves and drugs and each other—platonically, of course.

Taehyung flirts with the cute high school boy and relishes in the flustered reaction he gets for almost an entire year. But when the following year comes along, he finds himself choking on his own words.

Jungkook is but a simple delivery boy; the last thing he needs is a high maintenance fake boyfriend.

Jeongguk comes up to Seoul to pursue a music career and somehow ends up rooming next to that one dude in the sharehouse who just will not stop making noises in the middle of the night.

When Taehyung asks for a divorce, he doesn’t expect that Jeongguk will ask him to stay.

Jeongguk has learned the hard way from the tender age of thirteen when his father pushed him down the stairs, that people are a disappointment. They always will be and so he breaks hearts instead.

Hurt people hurt people.

Jeongguk likes hurting girls, but he doesn't like hurting Kim Taehyung.

Jeon Jeongguk hated flying. So much so that when he was forced to board a flight to save his job, he did the only thing he could think of to not have a heart attack; he reached out to his soulmate for the first time in his life.

One of the quiet girls speaks up. “It’s interesting to see the difference between your last photos of him and these ones. The last ones, you looked like you were worshipping him, in a way. And in these, he looks like he’s worshipping you.”

jeongguk and taehyung reflect and move forward

They’re alone in Jungkook’s bedroom. There’s a song playing faintly from the speakers of Jungkook’s phone. The lyrics go like this: Oh, my heart hurts so good. I love you, babe, so bad, so bad.

Taehyung is his love, his best friend, his soulmate – Jungkook is sure of it.

Lesson 1: it’s not real.

Love is a strange, strange thing.

"Taetae, well always be together right?" Jungkook asked looking up at Taehyung.

"Obviously, we're best friends." Taehyung gave him a big boxy smile.

"We'll get married too when we're older." The little boy sounded so excited. "You'll be my wife."

So basically Jimin exposed taekook at today's fansign. Apparently, Jungkook oftens works out shirtless. And Taehyung watches him and goes 'ugh'.

AU where your soulmate's first words to you will be tattooed on your wrist when you meet.

Which freakin sucks, because Jungkook's forearm will now forever read "Hey baby, if you were a booger, I'd pick you first."

What the fuck, universe.

“Taehyung, I don’t think this is a good idea,” Jimin complains as he follows closely behind Taehyung, “I mean, what do you know about this kid? He looks like some punk.”

Taehyung rolls his eyes and laughs, “You know better than to judge a book by its cover.” He spots Jeongguk standing by some lockers, probably one of them is his, but he doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere.

“See? He looks lost,” Taehyung points out, “It’s our job, as seniors, to offer a helping hand to new students.”

aka. taehyung learns what it means to have friends, that not everyone is as mean as those bullies that pull on his ears and make fun of his tail.

Jungkook and Taehyung hate each other. Except, of course, when they're having sex.

Jungkook is sick of getting pathetically attached to Taehyung every summer. So this time he makes up a list of rules he needs to follow during his time in Omelas with his friends:

1- Stay away from Taehyung at all times.

2- Avoid spending time alone with Taehyung. (In case number one fails!)

3- Say no to Taehyung.

4- Do. Not. Let. Him. Kiss. You.

It can't be that hard, right?

Jeon Jeongguk and his elder brother rule over Seoul, a hidden heel digging within the city for years now. As rulers of their gang, the Geom-Eun Dogsa, the world of lies and cruelty comes easily. Until a certain Kim Taehyung walks into Jeongguk's life, that is.

It had been of their kingdom’s tradition to have a young lad or lass selected for the princes of the kingdom, for purposes justifiable by the princes themselves. They say that upon selection, you live a life of royalty just as the kings and queens do. Taehyung does not believe this; he knows that his life will be one of a sex slave if he were ever to be selected.

Taehyung's a real fish out of water (no like, for real) and Jungkook just saved him from drowning.

Jimin and Yoongi are finally dating and everything would be perfect if Taehyung would stop freaking cockblocking them. Every time Jimin and Yoongi seem to have a moment to themselves, an unintentionally oblivious Taehyung somehow ruins the moment. So Jimin devises the perfect plan; to get Taehyung a boyfriend so he'll leave the two of them alone. Enter Jeon Jungkook, a shy boy who has no friends and is Taehyung's secret crush and Jimin's new target.

Sometimes you find your soulmate in the form of a dirty kid on the playground. Sometimes it takes a little longer to figure it out, but that's okay - in the meantime, you have a best friend.

(Or: Jeongguk falls in love before he knows what the word means. Taehyung spends all his years teaching him.)

It started when kookie97 followed kimtaetae, a popular internet blogger and superfan of the famous Korean pop idol Jeon Jeongguk.

Or: Taehyung befriends his favorite singer without even knowing it.

“They say when you fall in love you can’t fall asleep, but now that I’ve met you I feel like I finally can.”

A University AU where Jungkook and Taehyung become roommates. But Jungkook has insomnia and can't fall asleep with other people and Taehyung can't fall asleep alone.

Jungkook is an artist who likes drawing on the cafe's freedom wall. Taehyung sees his drawings, and falls in love.

Featuring Jimin as the 100% done wingman, Yoongi as the possessive boyfriend, and Seokjin as the sassy mom.

From the moment Jungkook turned 18, he had been excited to see the numbers appear on his wrist.


Just 762 days before he finally meets his soulmate.




And then it stops.

Taehyung entered college expecting a whole new world; he didn't expect to find a home in the form of Jeon Jeongguk.

The Language of Lilacs: Emotions of First Love, Youthful Innocence, A Reminder of an Old Love, Mourning.

To Taehyung, love is synonymous with his family and a very special boy, but nothing more than that. He's going to learn, the hard way, that it encompasses much, much more than what it should.

(aka the sequel to "Bring On the Sunshine" and a fic where yoongi, jimin, taehyung and jungkook all deal with their respective first loves and learn to let go.)

Jungkook going for a sensual prostate massage - excuse him he hasn't gotten laid in months - and there he meets Taehyung, his hot masseur.

taehyung suddenly develops a crush on a boy when he was 100% sure he was straight.

“Hello, I’m Kim Taehyung!” he greets. “Biochem senior and your very knowledgeable senpai-slash-mentor.”

“Jeon Jeongguk,” the boy replies. “Bio major.”

Taehyung is on the quest to be Jeongguk's ultimate senpai. Unfortunately, life has other plans.

they say that one should fall in love with their eyes open, but Jungkook keeps his closed, and Taehyung is afraid that they’ll fall in all the wrong places.

the concept of strings in space time theory is that on a one dimensional plane, one only has the option of going backwards or forwards in their direction of travel. Jungkook chooses to be swept along into the unknown, with Taehyung as his only anchor.

Taehyung had always dreaded meeting his soulmate, unlike the rest of the world’s population. He always hid the words scrawled in black cursive on the inside of his right wrist and felt terror at the thought of them turning blue, of his soulmate speaking them.

And as he sprinted down the packed Seoul sidewalk, hot tears streaming down his cheeks and sobs choking his throat, he knew he'd been right.

Or was he?

Pride and Prejudice AU ft. Jeongguk as a rich boy with daddy issues and Taehyung as a graphic designer who sees him for exactly what he is: an asshole.

(Or so he thinks.)

Kim Taehyung is a live in nurse, and Jeon Jungkook is a rich bachelor.

Jungkook gets into a carcrash. Jungkook needs a live in nurse. Taehyung is qualified.

Or is he? Because he's used to working with the elderly, not wealthy, young beefcakes.

Jungkook used to be a player when he was a teenager, but he's changed now. The thing is, Taehyung refuses to believe that the guy who broke his heart could be anything but cruel. What happens when he is back in campus and ready to win Taehyung back? Will he trust him and give him another chance or will Jungkook have to prove himself worthy of Taehyung's love?

24-year old Jeon Jungkook did not sign up for the police force to deal with Kim Taehyung and his stupid college kid antics.

But he can't pass up a good offer either.

Responding to noise complaints is still one of police officer Jeon Jungkook's least favorite things. This Halloween, he gets a little more than he bargained for.

Jungkook doesn’t classify his relationship with Taehyung as being “friends with benefits” because they’re not friends— not at all. He doesn’t even know what they are, really; they have sex sometimes, maybe cuddle and they’ve met up for coffee like twice but only because Taehyung refuses to leave him alone.

But then he sees Taehyung at the club with another guy, someone who's obviously not Jungkook.

Kim Taehyung had never spent a Valentine’s Day with anyone. Well, not including his second semester at SNU with that late night Valentine’s Day booty call with that guy from Grindr. It was a moment of drunken weakness, okay?

Regardless, now that he’d made things official™ with Jungkook, it's time to try his hand at the whole good boyfriend thing.

Taehyung never planned to fall head over heels for Jeon Jungkook but it just sort of. . . happened.

And he didn't realize the extent of his feelings until Park Jimin walked into their lives and ruined everything.

After the tragic death of his parents, Jeon Jeongguk hated werewolves.

The last thing he ever expected was to fall in love with one.

taehyung really really really really really really likes jeongguk

maybe they're a little bit ridiculous, but people always did fall in love in the strangest ways.

"Taekook college AU! The college tour guide raved about the uni's friendly atmosphere and amicable student body, but wanted a high five from a cute student and all he got was a glare"

i just can't let you go

you give me something i've never known

so baby you don't have to rush

you can leave a toothbrush

at my place

Taehyung forgets his strength kink until Jungkook picks him up during a group project meeting.

Dates are cool. Dates with straight-laced family friends arranged by your mother are not. Thank goodness Jeon Jeongguk has his trusty best friend Kim Taehyung close by to bail him out of any dire situations.

There is a dick on his face. There is a big, bold dick drawn onto his face in black permanent marker, and though Jeongguk scrubs and scrubs and scrubs until his forehead is red, he only succeeds in smudging it around.

He pumps a fistful of soap onto the towel and renews his efforts with twice the vigor. He has hagwon later today, and he’d rather step on Legos than go there like this. Maybe, he thinks, pausing for a second to examine the state of the dick, his parents will allow him to skip just this once. Does this count as a medical emergency? Jeongguk isn’t sure, but his hands are shaky and the towel is shaky and he’s growing more panicked by the second because it won’t come off.

He’s going to die. He’s going to die of public humiliation in front of everyone, and then he’s going to come back to life and kill his soulmate, because who the fuck draws a dick on their forehead knowing full well that it’ll show up on someone else, too?

Taehyung never thought he'd fall in love with his roommate. Then again, he never thought his roommate would have been a literal gift from god either.

Jungkook needs his daily dose of cuddles and Taehyung likes to wear Jungkook's clothes. They don't care that alphas and omegas aren't supposed to be best friends.

Taehyung is infuriating and Jungkook's always been easy to rile up. Which isn't the best combination, but also isn't the worst, either.

As far as fairy tales go, this one doesn’t have a lot of faeries. Tales, yes. Tails, that is. Just the one. One (1) tail.

Jeongguk is trouble. Taehyung likes trouble a bit more than he probably should.

Just don't tell Jimin about it.

Taehyung and Jungkook meet on Omegle.

taehyung always has bad ideas. and jeongguk thinks this might be the best.

Taehyung sets the flowers down on the dining table, plucking the card off the little holder. "Dearest Taehyung, just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you. I hope you're thinking about me too. Love--" he pauses and squints before cocking an eyebrow and pursing his lips. "Hyung, why is the boss of your little boy band gang professing his love for me?"

Yoongi drops the noodles on the floor with a loud curse as he burns his hand.

Or, Taehyung's been trying his hardest to avoid Yoongi's criminal life for a long ass time, but a cute kid and his infuriating father keep pulling him deeper into the mix.

Jeongguk is a stripper with a penchant for trouble. Taehyung is curious.

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