• I would sew dresses from petals and leaves and spider's silk
  • I would drink the morning dew from a bluebell
  • I would dance on the surface of the lake
  • I would let little children see me (sometimes)
  • I would eat soup from an acorn cap
  • I would write stories on leaves and bind them in bark covers
  • I would fan myself with a feather on hot summer days
  • I would use juice from berries as lipstick and rouge
  • I would make a pavement to my home using biotite
  • I would decorate the antlers of deer with flower garlands
  • I would sleep on a bed of moss
nov 24 2010 ∞
nov 24 2010 +
user picture Bliss: Lovely :) dec 2 2010
user picture shosanna: Thank you :) I do wish it was all possible! dec 3 2010
user picture Joanna: This is beautiful. It makes me dream in turn too. Thank you. ^__^ jan 15 2011
user picture shosanna: Thank you so much, I'm glad I'm not alone with my dreams :)
user picture shirley: This list is so lovely, so magical. feb 6 2011
user picture shosanna: Thank you! (and sorry for being so late, I didn't notice your comment before) mar 13 2011
user picture hollyowl: How wonderful! I love it! (: mar 12 2011
user picture shosanna: Thank you very much :) mar 13 2011