stolen from monica, this week's featured user (with some of my own categories added). i think i'm on the liberal side of moderate, but i'm not sure exactly. different political tests tell me different things.

  • abortion: pro-choice
  • affirmative action: iffy, because i don't know enough about it to form a good opinion
  • biological weapons: against
  • capital punishment: against
  • cloning: iffy, but i'm more or less okay with it
  • global warming: i believe in it
  • gun control: for
  • homelessness: something should be done, but i don't know what
  • immigration: open the borders
  • marijuana: should be legal for medical use, not for recreational use
  • middle east: we should gtfo
  • military spending: decrease it
  • scholarships: give some of that military budget to students
  • sex ed: very much for
  • smoking ban: make it country-wide
  • socialized healthcare: for
  • stem cell research: for
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