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Also, this is my last ditch effort to get organized. Of course, on this website I sound organized. I sound like I have goals. I can assure you, for every part of order in my life, there is an equal amount of chaos.

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  • to be debt free.
  • to go to college in New York City.
  • to have a goat farm on the northwest coast.
    • not for a long time.
  • to reduce my "carbon footprint" as much as possible.
  • one girl, and one boy.
    • when i decide to have kids.
  • to live simply and comfortably with my family.
  • my children to have a bright, wonderful future.
  • to only marry once, and happily.
  • a full, healthy, well-lived life before I die.
  • to leave a lasting impression on someone.
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