• pls tag me in pics of starscream and bridget it makes me happy
  • dont follow if u are going to start looking like me, dressing like me, copying my hair and makeup, or talking like me. i dont feel like explaining this trauma in deatil. just dont. act or do anything like me.
  • dont follow me if youre going to try to force yourself into my oc groups because parallel is mine and bri's and no one elses. and dont even speak to me about transformers honestly my transformers group is their own thing dont try to insert them into anything w other ocs
  • despite me saying this which all sounds p rude, i like to make ocs with people but NEW ones not forcing yours into my pre existing shit u feel me
  • dont talk to me about thomas the tank engine. you can like my thomas drawings and stuff but its my main hyperfixation and go-to comfort thing when im feeling suicidal and i consider it "mine" and i will lose my shit on you if you start getting into it or asking me about it
  • im ridiculously connected to the book the little engine that could as well as the perfume song called star train. theyre just. about me. its irrelevant but w/e
  • this goes without saying but get the fuck out of my face if u think u love midousuji more than me lmao
jan 18 2017 ∞
jun 6 2017 +