• Time Traveller's Handbook of 1001 Tense Formations by Dr. Dan Streetmentioner
  • Deadly Vestments: A History of Inept Military Couture by Antonia Fremont
  • Highly Unpleasant Things It Is Sometimes Good To Know
  • Growing Flowers by Candlelight in Hotel Rooms, by Ms. Charles Fine Adams
  • The Girl Who Walked a Long Way by Olive Wellwood
  • A Defence of my Deeds Written while Wrongly Imprisoned by my Enemies in Newark Castle by Peter Watershippe
  • On the Surface Anatomy of the Human Ear by Sherlock Holmes
  • Grammatical Garden or the Arbour of Accidence pleasantlie open'd to Tender Wits by Pulverentus Siccus
  • Things That Can Happen In European Politics by Ernest Pudding
  • Why Things Are Not Otherwise by Crumberry
  • Powers You Never Knew You Had and What to Do With Them Now You've Wised Up
  • Some Notes on the Pathological Aspects of Genius by Sir Julian Freke
  • The Mystery of the Pink Crayfish by Rex West
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