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  • stage name: mina (미나)
  • birth name: myoui mina (みょうい みな)
  • nickname: penguin & #anoyying_mina
  • birthday: 24 March 1997
  • blood type: A
  • height: 165 cm
  • hobby: finding good restaurant on the internat, shopping.
  • things you like: eating
  • speciality: ballet
  • habit: bitting her own lips & nails
  • fave music: KPOP!
  • motto: lets live while enjoying
  • fact:
    • mina's treasured item is ketchup
    • mina called anoyyingmina bcs she look like the anoyying orange
    • mina chose chaeyoung as a member she would date if she was a boy bcs chaeyoung is cute & a little bit sexy (mina's ideal type)
    • she learned ballet for 11years
    • mina and her mom have always been big kpop fans
    • mina even gave a streamlink for cnblue's concert (her bias is yonghwa)
    • back then mina wanted to be an ulzzang
    • mina started dancing to kpop when her friend told her to cover snsd dance with her
    • mina got scouted when she was shopping with her mother so she participated in global audition in japan and came into jype
    • dark sexy is mina's style
    • out of all the korean male groups, 2pm is mina's fave boygroup because she watched running man and it was so fun esp the part where their shirts got ripped (
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