• Don't expect me to keep replying on you, if you don't give effort on what you write or topic get shorten after I tried to get other topic, I will stop replying.
  • DO NOT RUSHING ME. I hate this so much, some of rp even rude to ask me to reply to them fast.
  • I WON'T DATING YOU IN REAL LIFE. Keep the rp stay in rp and real life in real life, don't mix it.
  • I love plot, but my limit of plot is one. I only could focus and do one plot in once. I will let it finish first before I continue to plotting with another one.
  • I'd rather talk with someone who use less emoticon, because typing in rp is an act and talk. No use and no place for emoji.
jan 17 2017 ∞
sep 14 2017 +