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Hi, my name is Princess Cupcake, Magical Cupcake of Doom.

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I am always looking to make new friends with similar interests! I will follow back people who have similar interests. It might take me a few days since sometimes I don't get a chance to. I probably won't send a follow request to locked accounts but if you want me to follow you if you're following me and have shared interests then just ask.

I DO NOT TAKE KINDLY TO "FREE FOLLOW" ACCOUNTS. If you follow me from an account that solely exists to follow random people, and not interact with them or their tweets at all, YOU WILL BE BLOCKED. I'm looking for mutuals, not "fake" followers.

Absolutely do not follow me if you are openly sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, or anything of that nature. If you can't accept other people being who they are, then please do not associate with me or my friends. Hatred of people for no reason will not be tolerated.

I try to be conscious of spoilers for things, and don't usually try to spoil things like the new episode/chapter of things. I will try and warn for spoilers for things, but I can't promise things will stay 100% spoiler free for everything. I'll try and redirect spoilers to my secondary account when I can.

I post stuff about my interests, serious things, stupid things, memes, shitposts, jokes, random thoughts... Some of it will be highly opinionated. If you disagree, that's fine, but all I ask is that you respect my opinions as well, and I'll respect yours.

If I do or say something you're uncomfortable with, PLEASE TELL ME. You can message me on Twitter, Discord, or Reddit, and we can work things out. I can't read people's minds, and I really don't want people to hate me for a reason I just don't understand. So if I fuck up and don't realize it, please please PLEASE TELL ME and I'll try to make it right. I've lost a lot of friends in the past because of silly misunderstandings that just escalated and I don't want that to happen again. I just want to get along with people.

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