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"'if i loved you less, i might be able to talk about it more.'"

- jane austen, emma

  • a clue for the puzzle lady by parnell hall
  • a tale of magic by chris colfer
  • a tale of sorcery by chris colfer
  • a tale of witchcraft by chris colfer
  • chrysanthemum by kevin henkes
  • eliza and her monsters by francesca zappia
  • enola holmes and the black barouche by nancy springer
  • enola holmes and the boy in buttons by nancy springer
  • great or nothing by caroline tung richmond, jessica spotswood, joy mccullough, tess sharpe
  • hazel bly and the deep blue sea by ashley herring blake
  • i kissed shara wheeler by casey mcquiston
  • ivy aberdeen's letter to the world by ashley herring blake
  • jane in bloom by deborah lytton
  • last puzzle & testament by parnell hall
  • matilda by roald dahl
  • one last stop by casey mcquiston
  • owen by kevin henkes
  • persuasion by jane austen
  • the case of the bizarre bouquets by nancy springer
  • the case of the cryptic crinoline by nancy springer
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