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call me Lithon (LIE-thon) or Mango/Mangoe. host of this system. I have kins (whoop-de-doo) I am most often in a dragon shift so please refer to me as such. Pronouns may change in shift/someone fronting but they/them is always chill (I personally go by he/him) kin/headmate page and also a work in progress thank 4 stopping by PW is "Yous a citrusy hoe smh"/any vine reference<3

Mango Mangoe follows:
derrick my headmates!!! (36 of them)
Donnie / John notes (About the host)
notes (Kins)
about me (IDS)



  • John Egbert - HOMESTUCK(doubles are okay)
  • Signless - HOMESTUCK(doubles are iffy)
  • Dragon - MYTHOLOGY(other dragons are cool)
  • Troll - HOMESTUCK(basically trollsona/literal Troll version of me)
  • Naga - MYTHOLOGY(upper body of human, lower body of giant snake, other Nagas are great!!!)
  • Veronica - HEATHERS THE MUSICAL(doubles are accepted)


  • Jake - HOMESTUCK(doubles are alright)



  • Vi - RANDOM(loves other TV heads! Really ...
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