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  • Hi!! My name's Mead, but I go by any of my IDs, as well as Gavin!
  • I'm female but I go by any pronouns!! Especially if they go w/ any of my ids.
  • I know some a lot of people actually believe they are the character they id with (thats totally fine), but I jut heavily relate to mine and see aspects of them inside me. I do refer to myself as them sometimes though!
  • If you read this let me know! I'd appreciate it.
  • Also I'm okay with doubles for most of my kins (The only exception being Josh Washington)
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Theres nothing really much to say but I don't mind if you follow me as long as;

  • You aren't a supporter/romanticizer of pedophilia.
  • You don't support rape.
  • You get upset over political opinions.
  • You don't fetishize incest (or partake in it) in any shape or form.

But besides that I dont really mind if you follow me!

may 18 2017 ∞
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