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  • Horse: In the mountains of Arizona, in the jungle of the Dominican Republic, around Lake Okareka in New Zealand, and at summer camps in California and Virginia.
  • Airplane: To and from Japan, New Zealand, and various places around the U.S.
  • Bicycle: I learned how to ride later than most.
  • My feet: The most reliable.
  • Raft: Down the New River Gorge in West Virginia.
  • Elevator: Although, I prefer the stairs.
  • Bumper car: Somehow I always get stuck with the one that won't go.
  • Sled: Snow days in Virginia.
  • Rollerblades: Down many a hill where my scabby knees broke my fall.
  • Skis: Somewhere in Nevada.
  • Trolley: Where else? San Francisco.
  • Kayak: In the Chesapeake Bay. On the Rappahannock River. On Lake Taupo, New Zealand.
  • Pontoon boat: My Grandfather's boat. Off the coast of Florida.
  • Car: Ho hum.
  • Ferry: From Wisconsin to the Apostle Isles in Lake Michigan. From Auckland to Waiheke Island in New Zealand.
  • Jet ski: My cousin's Godfather gave me a ride.
  • Subway: In NYC. And D.C., if the Metro counts.
  • Go-kart: For birthday parties. At putt-putt golf courses. And for my high school's "After-Prom" because I was that cool.
  • Ice skates: Always so wobbly at first.
  • Water slide: Various water parks in Florida.
  • Four-wheeler: Along Daytona Beach, Florda.
  • Scooter: Those good ol' Razors.
  • Glass bottom boat: In Okinawa, Japan and Silver Springs, Florida.
  • Monorail: Disney World!
  • Trams: Disney World again. Along with multiple other amusement parks. And airports.
  • Bus: The big yellow one.
  • Motorcycle: On the back of my uncle's and my ex-boyfriend's.
  • Train The bullet train in Japan, a train to the Grand Canyon and a train to NYC.
  • Paddle boat: It had a hole in it. Needless to say, it almost sunk.
  • Canoe: In Wisconsin. My sister almost tipped us over when she stood up screaming and began wildly swinging her oar at a bee. At Wekiwa Springs in Florida.
  • Ski/chair lift: In Nevada somewhere.
  • Escalator: I prefer to walk up them.
  • Piggy back: Shoeless, in the rain, with Eeyore pajamas on.
  • Golf cart: My best friend had one in middle school. We rode around and caused general mayhem, running over neighbors' prized bushes and what not.
  • Jet Boat: Along the Waikoto River and Huka Falls in New Zealand.
  • Zip Line: In Florida somewhere.
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