• Max (camp camp)
  • Lance McClain (voltron)
  • Eridan Ampora (Homestuck)
  • Mituna Captor (Homestuck)
  • Roxy Lalonde (Homestuck)
  • Bill Cipher (Gravity falls)
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The word "trigger" is used to describe something that could cause sudden mood drops or fits with each kin,something that would require their comforts.

  • Dave triggers- Any bro other than his set, self harm, abuse images or mention, rape mention, loud noises, blood, physical confrontation.
  • Hal triggers- Shit Dirk says. Fuck him man.
  • Seb triggers- Yelling, cursing, no sense of purpose, often having nothing to do, loneliness.
  • Rhys triggers- Killing Jack when talked or showed in any context, FUCKING vasquez.
  • Nagito triggers- being left alone without warning. Junko.
  • Peko triggers - none.
  • Sollux triggers- None.
  • Dipper triggers- Bill Cipher, dysphoria, ...
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Hello and welcome to Ethans kinlist.

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  • Dave comforts- Dirk (set. No doubles) John (set. no doubles) little space or a regression can sometimes help.
  • Hal comforts- Roxy, roleplay (occasionally) mostly solitude.
  • Seb comforts- Dirk, Bro, set caregiver,soft things, gentle music, being instructed what to do to take care of himself. Do not leave alone.
  • Rhys comforts- Jack (Set. No doubles), Timothy, drawing.
  • Nagito comforts- Hajime (set. No doubles).
  • Peko comforts- Fuyuhiko (set. No doubles.)
  • Sollux comforts- Eridan (set. No doubles), Karkat, Aradia, video games.
  • Dipper comforts- Mabel, Reading, drawing, stanford, Stanley, often requires care and comforting from anxiety.
  • Will comforts- gentle natured, tame langu...
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  • Dave Strider - homestuck (most active)
  • Hal Strider - homestuck (very active)
  • Seb Strider - homestuck (less active)
  • Rhys - Borderlands (very active)
  • Nagito Komaeda - DR2 (very active)
  • Peko Pekoyama - DR2 (very active)
  • Sollux Captor - homestuck (less active)
  • Dipper Pines - gravity falls (rarely active)
  • Will Cipher - reverse falls (never active)
  • Jake English - homestuck (never active)
  • Caliborn English - homestuck (rarely active)
  • Karkat Vantas - homestuck (rarely active)
  • Kankri Vantas - homestuck (less active)

Other kins have been discontinued or are no longer part of the system. Many have been dormant for so long there's no point listing them.

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