do not follow if:

-lgbtq+ phobic (if youre neutral on the topic then thats fine)

-support pedophilia

-hate emos/furries (if youre neutral then thats fine again)

-hate my fandoms

then again i cant force anyone not to follow but if you support any of that and follow me, you will be blocked. just a warning.

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aug 24 2017 +

-my real name isnt brendon but i prefer it over my real name

-my biological gender is female but i use any pronouns

-im really shy around newer people but im trying to break out of my shell

-i swear A L O T and my humor is really dark

-my personality can be different depending on the person im talking to but i still try to stay true to my real one

-i tend to hold grudges but thats only if you really mess up

-im really insecure with my art

jul 17 2017 ∞
aug 29 2017 +

-gorillaz fandom (i dont ship characters along with i havent heard much of humanz yet, pretty much waiting for the music videos)

-vinesauce fandom (vinny and joel mainly)

-pretty much the whole emo/punk/alternative fandom (excluding most of the harder bands like sleeping with sirens, all time low, black veil brides etc.

-walking dead fandom (i havent seen any season 7+ episodes though because netflix is s L o W)

-ratchet and clank fandom? (i dislike the future series and ive only played the first 3 games)

-popee the performer (kudamono is my son)

-rick and morty (recently got into this show and im in love)

-camp camp (havent seen some of the episodes)

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aug 29 2017 +

im not actually kin with any of these, theyre used for jokes, but in case i forget theyre here

-donald trump

-vinny pizzapasta (vinesauce)

-daniel keem (keemstar)

-joey (joeysworldtour)

-pee-wee herman

-kedamono (popee the performer)

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aug 24 2017 +

my interests range from a very few things, but im usually open for anything new but my main interests are:

-pop punk/alternative music/bands (huge fans of fall out boy, gorillaz, nirvana,five finger death punch,red vox etc. i do like other genres but these are the main)

-anything creepy or that has to do with forensic based things (not much of a conspiracy person, im heavily based on logic)

-animation memes/animations as a whole (the animation meme community is meh for me though, the community went downhill)

-photography and art

-film making? (i have an idea for a series of films i want to make)

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aug 24 2017 +