do not follow if:

-lgbtq+ phobic

-support pedophilia

-hate emos/furries

-hate my fandoms

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hi, I'm a 13 year old genderfluid emo snowflake named brendon

i make ms paint furry art on DA and regret my life choices

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-gorillaz fandom (i dont ship characters)

-vinesauce fandom

-pretty much the whole emo/punk/alternative fandom

-ratchet and clank fandom? (i hate the future series and the ratchet x talwyn community)

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these kins are used for jokes, but they're kind of used as a comfort, so here they are:

-donald trump

-vinny (vinesauce)

-daniel keem (keemstar)

-joey (joeysworldtour)

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my interests range from a few things, my main interests are include:

-pop punk/alternative music/bands (huge fans of fall out boy, gorillaz, nirvana etc.)

-anything creepy or that has to do with forensic based things

-animation memes/animations as a whole

-photography and art

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