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i have a job, have all my teeth, and i'm not married.

wooky follows:
  • buy prescription sunglasses
  • carve a pumpkin... maybe TWO
  • dye my hair
  • get a massage
  • get a str8 girl haircut!!
  • get an expensive haircut
  • go on a heterosexual date ironically. for maximum irony, the other party must be gay and going on the date ironically as well.
  • go on a hot air balloon
  • go on an easter egg hunt
  • go to a country fair
  • got lost in a corn maze
  • have TWO scoops on ice cream not just one
  • meet the butter cow in person
  • own and decorate a mini christmas tree
  • paint an easter egg
  • stargazing
  • stay at an expensive hotel for one night
oct 12 2017 ∞
apr 8 2018 +